Version 7.0.1 (09 / May 2018)


- ADDED Auto-posting of feed video link to Video Directory
- ADDED Ignore FFMPEG option for Video processing
- ADDED Option to enable/disable home latest members listing
- ADDED Photo auto-delete from directory when feed post is deleted
- ADDED Remember me checkbox to login forms
- ADDED Theme options for Scrollbar


- IMPROVED 404 page
- IMPROVED Get Started
- IMPROVED Header Search
- IMPROVED Landing Page
- IMPROVED Photo URL upload button


- FIXED Broken CDN file download
- FIXED Broken Emoticon images
- FIXED Broken Group Edit button
- FIXED Broken Profile Pages
- FIXED Broken Send Credit button
- FIXED Cache issue with Saved items
- FIXED Chat File Download
- FIXED Event date translation
- FIXED Find Event UI
- FIXED Group display UI
- FIXED Incorrect Group listing
- FIXED Invisible text in Sort Feed dropdown
- FIXED Issue with Categories Translation in Group and Blog
- FIXED Issue with Changing Theme
- FIXED Issue with Feed Photo and Video Privacy
- FIXED Issue with Forum Reply
- FIXED Issue with Page Verify button
- FIXED Issue with Sort Feed tooltip
- FIXED Issue with Spotlight Widget
- FIXED Issue with Sticky Side Menu
- FIXED Issue with account dropdown
- FIXED Issue with coupon code generation
- FIXED Issues with Profile Relations
- FIXED JavaScript error in Group
- FIXED Broken Load More link and Layout in Page and Group
- FIXED Overflow issue with AdminCP Header Search
- FIXED Overflow issue with Share button
- FIXED PayPal Sandbox issue
- FIXED Profile right column stick
- FIXED Security issue with Password Reset
- FIXED SSL issue with Mailer
- FIXED Theme Asset Override
- FIXED Unescaped error meessage breaking JavaScript
- FIXED User entity issue in Blog, Event, Music and Video
- FIXED Video database data
- FIXED Z Index issue with Reaction icons


Version 2018.2 (16 / Mar 2018)


ADDED feed video autoplay and stick

ADDED membership field to users manager

ADDED option to enable and disable notification sound

ADDED option to modify static page url

ADDED option to toggle feed editor Shift + Enter to submit

ADDED resume support for downloads


IMPROVED Feed Editor Background


IMPROVED coupon generation description

IMPROVED group, page and game URL

IMPROVED profile links preview

IMPROVED video links preview


FIXED blank memory post

FIXED blog tag edit

FIXED broken music cover art

FIXED broken richest members avatar

FIXED bug in invitation system signup

FIXED comment permission bug

FIXED clear cache exception

FIXED creditgift signup bonus

FIXED deleted gifts bug

FIXED feed text filter

FIXED forum thread delete

FIXED incorrect event listing

FIXED Login Trials

FIXED mailer encoding

FIXED mobile splash background

FIXED Paypal URL encoding

FIXED security issue with feed download

FIXED SSL issue with CDN URLs

FIXED static pages add and modify issue

FIXED YouTube embed fullscreen and related videos


15 March 2015

  • Release date