16 Jan 2018

ADDED Add, Edit and Categories Endpoint to Blog APIADDED Cache Support for ForumADDED Cache Support for FacetagADDED Coupon Promotional Code for MembershipADDED Email SubscriptionADDED Feed Editor "Press Enter To Submit Post"ADDED Feed Text FilterADDED Friends and Followers CountADDED Landing Sliding Image Manager,ADDED Option for Automatic Video ProcessingADDED Social Login to Default Theme Home SignupADDED Translation for Static PagesADDED URL Image UploadADDED Video Overlay AdvertADDED Video Thumbnail PreviewADDED Wildcard Feature to IPADDED Event Subscribers Widget
IMPROVED Comment Plugin to Allow Post Owner to Delete Unwanted CommentsIMPROVED Link Preview to Support Blogspot linksIMPROVED BlogIMPROVED GroupIMPROVED LivestreamFOR DEVELOPERS- UPDATED Conversation Endpoint Response for Chat API
FIXED Add Friend and Follow Button BugFIXED Add and Edit Page ErrorFIXED Birth Date Issue at SignupFIXED Broken Mention BugFIXED Bug in Endpoint Response for Notification APIFIXED Feedback Username Display and LayoutFIXED Gender ValidationFIXED Group Post Publisher ErrorFIXED Profile and Saved Posts Load More Button WidthFIXED Survey Filter BugFIXED Unresricted File Upload Security IssueFIXED YouTube Videos Bug
20 Nov 2017NEW FEATURESADDED SurveyADDED TestimonialADDED Video AdIMPROVEMENTSADDED Option to Choose Either Friendship or Follow SystemADDED Audio and Video Meta TagsADDED Can Post Comment PermissionADDED Relationship methodADDED Can Post to Feed PermissionADDED Video Count StatisticIMPROVED EmoticonsIMPROVED ForumIMPROVED MarketplaceIMPROVED MembershipIMPROVED Sharer PreviewIMPROVED URL Filter- FOR DEVELOPERSADDED Hook.js to the BackendADDED filter.path HookADDED profile.actions.dropdown HookADDED user and user_id to Blog View API Response ObjectADDED add.music.file.path hookIMPROVED JavaScript HookBUG FIXESFIXED Ad Create Mobile LayoutFIXED Ad Payment RedirectFIXED Ads Country bugFIXED Ads Payment LayoutFIXED Auction CreateFIXED Auction Menu LinkFIXED Auction UIFIXED Blog Listing BugFIXED Bug in AJAX Page LoadFIXED Bug in Feed Editor Link ShareFIXED Bug in RazorPay Payment GatewayFIXED CSS Injection in Design Details FormFIXED Confusing Sign Up Welcome EmailFIXED Credit Bonus BugFIXED Credit Payment PriceFIXED Credit Send PaginationFIXED Creditgift Signup Bonus ConflictFIXED Custom Fields OrderingFIXED Error on Activity WidgetFIXED Error on Questions Listing PageFIXED Feed Editor Feeling Button BugFIXED Feed Editor Privacy DropdownFIXED Feed Editor Social Publisher BugFIXED Feed Like CountFIXED Feed Video HeightFIXED Feed Video ShareFIXED Free Ads Plan PaymentFIXED Game Listing BugFIXED Giftshop Image upload| FIXED Hidden Sharer DropdownFIXED JPEG Image Upload IssueFIXED JavaScript ExeptionFIXED Language Import Character EncodingFIXED Malicious Data Injection in Selection FieldsFIXED Meta Info TitleFIXED Missing Static PagesFIXED Music Count StatisticFIXED Page Listing Filter.FIXED Payment and Activation Bug in SpotlightFIXED Poll Button ColorFIXED Sharer PrivaciesFIXED Statistics LinksFIXED Translation in Last VisitorFIXED Unclickable Ads Create Button on Mobile.FIXED User General Info not SavingFIXED Username DisplayFIXED gif image resize errorFIXED htmlentities in API output contentFIXED iconv ErrorFIXED include library in Letter AvatarFIXED output_text Function Parameters

27 Sept 2017


ADDED Face Tag
ADDED Relation


ADDED Can Message Permission to Chat
ADDED Italian Flag to Language Select
ADDED JavaScript Hook System for Developers
ADDED plugin.loaded.result hook for Developers
ADDED Photo List API for Android
UPDATED Video Categories API for Android
CHANGED Forum, Marketplace, Property and Business Menu Buttons Color to Match Theme Setting


FIXED Confusing Blog Notification Message
FIXED Hashtag Links
FIXED Page and Group URL for Cyrillic Characters
FIXED Undefined Google Error in Business
FIXED Undefined Index Errors in Business
FIXED Incorrect Creditgift Rank Member Count
FIXED Event Time Error in AdminCP
FIXED Feed Editor YouTube Links
FIXED Feed Editor Position in RTL Languages
FIXED Invalid User Link in Gifshop Last Recieved Widget
FIXED Javascript Exception in Music 
FIXED Hidden Music Share
FIXED Photo View Next and Previous Button Direction
FIXED Incorrect Link in Friend Acceptance Email Link
FIXED Video Category Edit
FIXED Widget Load Exception
FIXED UTF-8 Encoding Error for Language Import
FIXED Incorrect Meta Tag info
FIXED Unable to Create Confession Issue
FIXED Sending Credit Issue
FIXED Gift Sending Issue
FIXED Event Create Error
FIXED Obsolete Video Files
FIXED Duplicate Custom Fields on Home Sign Up
FIXED Feed Editor "What's on your mind" Translation
FIXED Fixed Group Menu Widget Error
FIXED Quote in Username Error in Video/Audio Call
FIXED Invalid Link in Page Like Notification
FIXED Marketplace Default Approval Swap
FIXED Overlapping Notification Pop Up
FIXED Main Menu Dropdown Scroll
FIXED Video Listing Error
FIXED Gift Received Notification
FIXED Property Payment Redirect

22 Aug 2017


ADDED User Count for ReactionADDED Spanish Flag to Language SelectADDED web.config for Windows ServerADDED Side Bar Disable Option for Default ThemeADDED Follower Count to User DisplayADDED Ad Text Limit for AdsREMOVED DateTimePickerUPDATED APIIMPROVED Shortcut WidgetIMPROVED Blog Add RedirectIMPROVED Feed Link Preview, UPDATED Embera LibraryIMPROVED Timezone Auto-DetectIMPROVED Sliding ImageIMPROVED User Stat Accuracy


FIXED Business Directory Payment
FIXED Privacy for Group Videos
FIXED Profile Cover Changing Issue
FIXED GetStarted Error
FIXED Spaces Causing Error in IP Ban Filter
FIXED Missing Avatar Change Button
FIXED Feed Column Layout
FIXED Timeago Translation
FIXED Missing Footer Menu Links
FIXED Bug in Video Pop
FIXED Video Widget Layout
FIXED Guest Main Menu Option on Mobile
FIXED Photo Upload Privacy
FIXED Bug in Membership Payment
FIXED Translations in Feed Editor
FIXED Creditgift Sign Up Bonus Bug
FIXED Mailer Subject Encoding
FIXED File Permission Issue on Windows Server
FIXED AND IMPROVED Verification Request System
FIXED Custom Fields on Landing Page Sign Up
FIXED Vineo Theme Landing Page
FIXED Editor Submit Button in Classic Theme
FIXED Musics Page Redirect

27 July 2017


  • ADDED Auction
  • ADDED Business
  • ADDED Note 
  • ADDED RazorPay
  • ADDED Mark as Read Feature to API
  • ADDED New Sort Filters to Sort Feed
  • ADDED Photo Manager
  • ADDED Timezone Auto-Detect
  • ADDED UTF-8 Charset Encoding to Response Text
  • ADDED Twitter Card Support
  • ADDED CSRF Protection Option




  • ADDED profile.cover Hook
  • ADDED relationship.button.before Hook
  • ADDED page.notfound Hook
  • ADDED feed.wrapper.left.extend
  • ADDED profile.layout.user.info.extend and profile.actions.before Hooks
  • ADDED people.user.image and people.filter.pane.extend Hook
  • IMPROVED Feed Editor
  • IMPROVED TinyMCE Editor
  • IMPROVED Avatar Cropper
  • IMPROVED Sticky Side Bar
  • IMPROVED Default Theme
  • IMPROVED IP API URL for Weather
  • UPDATED Microsoft Translator
  • UPDATED Recommended Ad Dimension to Support Open Graph Image
  • UPDATED Mediachat


  • FIXED People Plugin Search Filter and Pagination
  • FIXED Ringing Bug
  • FIXED Photo Viewer
  • FIXED Notification Error in API
  • FIXED Gender Issue in API Social Pager
  • FIXED Sidebar Menu Layout
  • FIXED Paypal Payment Gateway
  • FIXED Question AdminCP Link and MySQL Error
  • FIXED Page Content Editor
  • FIXED Creditgift loopholes
  • FIXED Bug in Invitation System
  • FIXED Bug in Upgrader
  • FIXED Mobile Menu AJAX Links
  • FIXED Getstarted Buttons
  • FIXED Unknown Layout Column Bug
  • FIXED Event Feed Editor
  • FIXED Games Not Loading Bug.
  • FIXED Video Category
  • FIXED MySQL Compatibility error in Memory
  • FIXED Syntax Error in Social Publisher
  • FIXED Classic Theme SignUp Avatar Bug
  • FIXED Ongoing Bug in LiveStream
  • FIXED FAQ Layout
  • FIXED Featured Video Widget Layout
  • FIXED Group URL Error
  • FIXED Mobile Login Modal
  • FIXED Video Processing Loop
  • FIXED Creditgift Modal Paginate URL and Richest Member Avatar
  • FIXED Daily Motion Feed Link Preview
  • FIXED Login Trials Count Issues.
  • RESTORED Avatar

17 May 2017


ADDED Livestream ADDED New Default and Classic ThemeADDED MemoryADDED Invitation SystemADDED Statistic PluginADDED Currency Conversion PluginADDED Background Feature for Feed PostADDED Modal Editor for FeedADDED Feed Video Pop upADDED Image Crop to GetStarted, User, Group and Page Profile AvatarADDED New Verification RequestADDED Clear Temporary Data Option to AdminCP Tools Menu


CHANGED Old No More Working Microsoft Translator API to the New Working Azure APIIMPROVED Feed Link ShareADDED Banner Dimension for Ads PlanADDED Temperature Unit Option for Weather PluginADDED Profile Card for GroupsADDED Statistics for Giftshop, Question, Photo, Feedback and Video PluginADDED Widgets to Last Visitor PageADDED Menu for CreditgiftADDED Menu for GiftshopADDED Menu for VideosADDED Hooks to get_name() function
FIXED AdminCP Members Page PaginationFIXED Weather Plugin BugsFIXED path.local hook for Uploader ClassFIXED Security Loophole in comment pluginFIXED Giftshop Database BugFIXED Giftshop Modal BugFIXED Creditgift Social Signup BonusFIXED Feed Load More BugFIXED Redirect URL error in Social PublisherFIXED Creditgift Share BonusFIXED Site Editor Info not saving errorFIXED HTML Stripping in AdminCP FormsFIXED Video Category DeleteFIXED update.member.customized.field hook in Account SettingFIXED Creditgift Android Comment BonusFIXED Android Like API bugFIXED Creditgift Recieved NotificationFIXED Login bug in Creditgift My Rank WidgetFIXED Creditgift Like BonusFIXED Photo Upload BonusFIXED format_output_text Line Break issueFIXED Social Publisher Twitter AuthFIXED Page Search BugFIXED Too Much Redirect for Facebook LoginFIXED Too Much Redirect for Facebook PublisherFIXED List Type Button LayoutFIXED Pagination BugFIXED TinyMCE Reload InitFIXED Video/Audio Call Mobile IssueFIXED Hashtag RegexFIXED Old Chat Message BugFIXED Cookie/Session Remember for feed_process_link functionFIXED Giftshop Friends PaginationFIXED User Permission for Group, Marketplace, Music, Video, Poll and Property pluginsFIXED Friendship Email Notification Broken LinkFIXED CreditGift Spending AlgorithmFIXED Creditgift Membership and Spotlight Plugin HookFIXED Facebook Avatar Fetch issue on some serversFIXED Facebook and Gmail Invite

15  Mar 2017


  • - ADDED Weather
  • - ADDED Poll 
  • - ADDED Q&A 
  • - ADDED Confession to change date format in the Event .


  • - FIXED Invalid Share Site Link
  • - FIXED SSL in AutoLink and Perfect URL
  • - FIXED TinyMCE Image Upload Folder Permission
  • - FIXED and IMPROVED SignUp Widget
  • - FIXED Site UTF-8 Character Encoding
  • - FIXED Empty Admin Settings
  • - FIXED Wrong Email Template
  • - FIXED Social Publisher editor Dropdown
  • - FIXED Facebook Login Avatar
  • - FIXED Forum Reply Delete
  • - FIXED Messages Page Bug
  • - FIXED Duplicate Social Sign Up
  • - FIXED Imposing Chat Messages
  • - FIXED Site Editor HTML Sanitizing
  • - FIXED Group Menu Widget Bug
  • - FIXED Event Menu Widget Bug
  • - FIXED Event Create Form End Minut Padding.
  • - FIXED Event Pagination
  • - FIXED get_friends_of_friend function bug
  • - FIXED HTMl Quote Encoding
  • - FIXED SortFeed Hook Error
  • - FIXED Hashtag API encoding
  • - FIXED MediaChat Button
  • - FIXED JS Syntax Error in Default Theme Header
  • - FIXED Payment Gateway Loopholes
  • - FIXED Listing Mobile Layout
  • - FIXED Marketplace Mobile Search button
  • - FIXED Page Photos
  • - FIXED duplicate content and Read more button in output_text function
  • - IMPROVED and FIXED Credit Gift Shop plugin
  • - ADDED role column to the member listing table in the AdminCP Members Page
  • - ADDED onMenu function
  • - ADDED Header to Contact Message Content
  • - ADDED strip_input_slash function for validation of signup form
  • - ADDED Post Edit to API plugin

24 Jan 2017


  • - ADDED Properties listing 
  • - ADDED Credits
  • - ADDED Virtual Gift shop
  • - ADDED Options to change date format in the Event.


  • - FIXED Music Widget Overflow
  • - FIXED Music Player Bugs.
  • - FIXED Video Widget Overflow
  • - FIXED Social Username Issue on Latest Member Widget
  • - FIXED Group Notification.
  • - FIXED Add Feed Error
  • - FIXED Social login
  • - FIXED Marketplace Widget Links.
  • - FIXED Mobile Chat Bug
  • - FIXED Feed Tag Issue
  • - FIXED Ads Edit Page Layout
  • - FIXED Email HTML Encoding Bug
  • - FIXED String Limit function for HTML Strings.
  • - FIXED Video/Audio Call for mobile
  • - FIXED Sharer issue on non 80 port.
  • - FIXED Contact form not submitting
  • - FIXED XSS Security Issue
  • - FIXED Custom Field Edit Category Mismatch
  • - FIXED Last Visitor Privacy Translation

20 Dec 2016

  • - ADDED Profile spotlight 
  • - ADDED Sort feed 
  • - ADDED Slideshow 
  • - ADDED Social publisher 
  • - ADDED livechat 
  • - ADDED Default Layout Setting for Groups listing
  • - ADDED Page Like Notification
  • - ADDED Default Layout Setting for Pages listing
  • - ADDED Country field to account settings page.
  • - ADDED Confirm password field to Signup Page.
  • - ADDED Posted in Group Notification.
  • - ADDED Call button for mobile.
  • - ADDED new Hooks for plugin developers
  • - FIXED Broken Hashtag in posts
  • - FIXED Feedback Severity error.
  • - FIXED People plugin pagination resetting filters
  • - FIXED Page Layout
  • - FIXED Profile likes Layout
  • - FIXED Static Pages Not rendering HTML.
  • - FIXED MediaChat not autoclosing after ending call
  • - FIXED Activation page still showing after activation
  • - FIXED Theme glitches.
  • - FIXED Blog external images distortion
  • - FIXED Photo viewer meta tags.
  • - Fixed MediaChat compatibility with Internet Explorer
  • - FIXED social users can't delete account.
  • - FIXED Email Template links not working.
  • - FIXED MarketPlace User delete Hook.
  • - FIXED Duplicate Feedback Menu.
  • - FIXED Layout issue in MusicCloud and Vineo Theme.
  • - FIXED Announcement role filter.
  • - FIXED Share 403 error on some servers.
  • - FIXED Group Photo Privacy.
  • - Make FFmpeg optional, you can now allow only mp4 uploads

16 Nov 2016

  • - ADDED Social Login to Login Pop up
  • - ADDED Video / Audio call 
  • - ADDED Feedback 
  • - ADDED FAQ 
  • - Improved CDN 
  • - OPTIMIZED Vineo theme Topography Images
  • - Improved Description and keyword meta tags
  • - Improved Google Analytic Code integration
  • - Improve video and blog URL conflicts
  • - Improved help plugin
  • - Improved membership choose plan and upgrade membership widget
  • - OPTIMIZED Contact plugin
  • - FIXED Event showing wrong time
  • - FIXED Feed post files leftovers
  • - FIXED One Column Layout Pages
  • - FIXED Custom fields not changing category
  • - FIXED Broken Email Messages
  • - FIXED Some youtube links not working on feed editor
  • - FIXED Mobile logout Link
  • - FIXED Chat Avatar
  • - FIXED Blog URL slug conflict
  • - FIXED Sharer Image
  • - FIXED Music Grid Layout Distortion.
  • - FIXED Login Widget Message Bug
  • - FIXED Vineo Theme Splash Title Overflow
  • - FIXED Custom Field Boolean Text
  • - FIXED Disabled Menu Link Editor
  • - FIXED gif Upload
  • - FIXED Backend Rich HTML Block

25 Sept 2016

  • -Improved Link sharer plugin
  • -Improved event notifications
  • - Improved widget for theme developers
  • - Improved forum thread pagination
  • - Improved Letter avatar plugin overriding social authentications
  •  - Improved music player
  •  - Improved the security with more XSS,CSRF,SQL injection e.t.c protection
  •  - Added two new Themes musicloud and vineo

11 Aug 2016

  • - Added Music directory
  • - Improved photo plugin with photo directory
  • - Added Restore & Backup plugin
  • - Improved lastvisitor plugin with notifications
  • - Added Number of Photos upload limit
  • - OPTIMIZED Event Avatar Style
  • - OPTIMIZED Link Sharer
  • - ADDED country field required during Signup
  • - ADDED Announcement Page Now displays all announcements
  • - ADDED Privacy to Photos
  • - Improved Marketplace plugin
  • - Improved page plugin
  • - Improved blogs notifications
  • - Improved video notifications
  • - Fix minor and major bugs reported
  • - Improved security

03 July 2016

  • - Added profile visitors plugin
  • - Improved security and speed
  • - Improved site language phrases
  • - Improved Timeline Privacy injection
  • - Improve marketplace plugin
  • - Improved the poll system in feeds
  • - Improved the video plugin
  • - Improved game plugin
  • - Improved chat plugin system
  • - Added notifications to events invite system
  • - Added notifications to blogs,video e.t.c on likes or comments
  • - Fixed all reported bugs

20 Jun 2016

  1. - Fixed open_basedir bug.
  2. - Fixed Privacy Settings issue.
  3. - Fixed Mobile comment username spacing.
  4. - Fixed forms not submitting with quotes issue.
  5. - Fixed forms adding slash issue.
  6. - Fixed HTML blocks issues.
  7. - Fixed Forum post displaying html source code issue.
  8. - Fixed Forum avatar issue.
  9. - Fixed Forum username overflow issue.
  10. - Fixed Forum image overflow issue.
  11. - Fixed Forum Followed Notification issue.
  12. - Fixed Forum Create Thread Redirect issue.
  13. - Fixed Forum DateTime Translation issue.
  14. - Fixed Marketplace Listing photos issues.
  15. - Fixed Marketplace Latest listing block issue.
  16. - Fixed Broken Meta Tags.
  17. - Fixed Photo notification thumbnail issues.
  18. - Added Site Editor(Advance CMS System) to AdminCP
  19. - Added Share on timeline feature.
  20. - Added Share links to blog, thread and marketplace listing.
  21. - Added People Directory plugin.
  22. - Added Video Directory plugin.
  23. - Added URL slug to Forum.
  24. - Added Edit Post button to Forum.
  25. - Added Delete Post button to Forum .
  26. - Added Image uploader to Forum.
  27. - Added URL slug to Marketplace.
  28. - Added option for setting GoogleMap API in Marketplace.
  29. - Added Added User Listing Widget for Marketplace.
  30. - Added Separate Search for Marketplace.
  31. - Added user role for creating listing to Marketplace.
  32. - Added support for more video formats mov,wmv e.t.c
  33. - Optimized all plugins to support the new site editor.
  34. - Improve the mobile layout.
  35. - Improved the responsiveness and layout of the site.
  36. - Converted blocks to widgets.
  37. - Improved security and prevent XSS attacks

27 April 2016

  • -Added CDN Storage
  • -Added Reaction system as an improvement to the like system for posts and photos
  • -Added Invite friends by email from find friends page
  • -Improve upgrader system 
  • -Improve Forum system in design and features
  • -Improve Marketplace system with bug fixes and restructure
  • -Fix issue with some server with open_basedir on for external links
  • -Fix cURL class support on shared hosting.
  • -Fix Privacy Settings bug.
  • -Fix Timeline privacy bug
  • -Fix Feed post privacy bugs.
  • -Fix issue with invite not sending
  • -Fix issue with PHP 7 with Error Class
  • -FIx change of ads image from admin panel bug
  • -Fixed Registration page working when disabled from admin panel
  • -Fixed embed code issue for games creation
  • -Remove empty feed message upon first post

31 March 2016

  • -Added option to disable guest download of files
  • -Improved Bing Translator
  • -Improved game embeding
  • -Fix problem with external secure site when https is enabled
  • -Replace text editor with Tinymce powerful editor
  • -Addd email notifications for
  •  - Friend request
  •  - Comment on posts, photo
  •  - When someone posted on your wall
  •  - When your friend request is accepted
  •  -With privacy option for users to disable and global admin option to disable or enable generally
  •  -Added Blog system with the following features
  •   - Option to allow members to create blog post
  •   - Blogs show up on user profile and their recent blogs
  •   - Blog categories with listing filter to show blogs on a particular category
  •   - Admin can manage all blogs from admincp
  •   - Admin can also create blog from admincp
  •   - Admin can also manage the blog categories,
  •   - Its SEO Friendly through URL and keywords and blog post description
  • - Improved poll system
  • - Added Membership feature
  • - Added User activities (Store)
  • - Added Marketplace plugin (Store)
  • - Added Forum system (Store)
  • - Added Sharer , allows your member to share your site to their friends (Store)
  • - Fix photo viewer issue
  • - Fix issue with the side bar

29 Feb 2016

  • - You can only tag your friends in post
  • - Fixed page,group, games url issue
  • -fixed html block issue
  • - Fixed encoding issue in sending mail in other languages
  • -improved external links preview when it comes to using HTTPS
  • -Fixed word wrap issue
  • -Fix searching of help issue
  • -Fixed auto scroll pagination in mozilla/firefox
  • -Improve sidebar sticky and explore menu
  • -added favicon
  • -Added announcement system with the following features
  •     - Wth four type of announcement alert success,danger,info and warning
  •     -Multi-language support
  •     -Enforce closing disabled or enabled
  •     -Deactivate any announcement at any time
  •     - Set the start date for announcement to start showing to targeted viewers
  •     - Target user group or all user groups
  •     - Target location or gender
  • -Added feeling system for your members to say how they are feeling with lot options
  •    - For listening - soundcloud is search for suggestions
  •    - Also for watching - youtube is search for suggestions
  •    - With nice rendering
  • -Added a clean Poll system with multiple choices support
  • -Added social sharing for posts to facebook,twitter,google+ and linkedIn
  • -Added option to view online members from admin panel
  • -Added Google reCaptcha option in forms
  • -Add option to change logo and favicon image easily from admin panel
  • -Added Google map auto suggestion to post editor
  • -Improvement that differentiate male and female
  • -Add support for Bing Translator everywhere
  • -Added notification for friend confirmation
  • -Added Notification Pop up like facebook
  • -Improve chatting experience on mobile and easy view of online friends
  • -Improved chat system with
  •     - Typing status
  •     - Seen feature
  •     - You can now see view of your friends offline recently
  • -Added email and last seen to member listing in admin panel
  • -Added online status and last seen time to user profile with option to enable or disable via admin panel
  • -Improved images upload to stop enlarging small size images
  • - Added Groups Manager in admin panel
  • -Added option to embed games controllable with user roles
  • -Improve user roles system
  • -Added Hashtag color option in the admin panel
  • -Added Mention color option in the admin panel
  • -Added option to either use username or fullname in @mention from admin panel
  • -Added option to either use username or fullname in user posts
  • -Improvement on RTL language layout design
  • -Improvement on mobile responsiveness
  • -Fix issue with add new country via admin panel
  • -Fix issue with add custom field without category via admin
  • -Fix empty notifications
  • -Fix photo deletion issue not removing from server
  • -Fix duplicate friend requests
  • -Fix people who like popup showing under photo viewer
  • -Fix follow button display issue on some browsers
  • -Fix upcoming birthdays displaying past birthdays in current month

03 Feb 2016

  • - Fixed non english words issue
  • - Fixed issue with image , file or video upload in post
  • - Fixed error display prevention when debug is disabled from admin panel
  • - Improved New members picture selection display in +Add Picture step
  • - Improved user photo albums
  • - Prevent empty post posting from members
  • - Change video player version to the latest
  • - Fixed issue with chat conversations when it contains links
  • - Improved file attachement in private chat
  • - Allow non-english in page, game and group name
  • - Improve chat system on mobile

31 January 2016

  • -Improve UI as suggested
  • -Added homepage header
  • -Added mutual counter of user profile menu
  • -Added Pagination to admin panel manage posts
  • -Added Map display on location in posts
  • - Added option to change verify badge color right from admin panel
  • - Added header to homepage with option to disable from frontend default theme customize page
  • - Added display of latest members on homepage
  • - Improove ads display
  • - Added sticky side bar
  • - Added option to set default feed editor privacy from admin panel
  • - Enhance comments display UI
  • - Fixed issue with social authentication
  • - Fixed editing of users from admin panel
  • - Profile change button showing to non-owners
  • - Fix Page profile change logo button for non owners
  • - Fix for group page change logo button for non owners
  • - fix user deletion from admin panel
  • - verification request showing wrong time
  • - Fixed username changing issue to prevent duplicate
  • - Fixed email address changing in account settings
  • -corrected mutual friends error
  • -Fix changing of photo from account settings error
  • -Fixed email having mail body in mail subject and links that are not working
  • -Fixed attachement not downloadable in chat messages
    • -Fixed admin verification request link in the dashboard
  • -Fixed admin panel verification request list incorrect time
  • - Clearify confusion in creating page with page name instead of page url
  • - Fix User role in editing user from the admin panel

15 March 2015

  • Release date